(per room)

Natural Thai Facial (50 min)

A customized facial for your skin using natural ingredients such as cucumber, honey and herbal extract to refine the skin by exfoliating outer layer of dead skin cells. It promotes a glowing and radiant skin complexion.


Re-hydrating Facial Treatment (50 min)

This facial concentrates on rebalancing and re-hydrating the skin to its natural moisture levels. Good for skin that has been over exposed to the sun and helps maintains sun tan.


Rejuvenating Facial Treatment (70 mins)

This advance facial treatment combines the benefit of advanced product technology to help repair and regenerate the skin softening the fine lines. A visible difference can be seen in the tonicity of the skin.


Oxygenating & Firming Facial Treatment (70 mins)

Deep anti oxidant facial using three types of seaweed mask specially designed to fight any cell damage by repairing and re-hydrating the skin leaving it soft and glowing.


Rebalancing Facial Treatment (60 min)

Decongests oily and combination skin, helps rebalance the over secretion of oil by using specialized purifying mask. Which contains a mixture of marine collagen and purifying non drying clay.


Sensitive Skin Treatment (60 min)

Uses a mixture of seaweed extract and azulene which is found in German Chamomile to desensitize the skin. Cools and calms the skin removing any redness and dryness cause by any allergy or over heating of the skin